Nashik: Beneficiary city of Union Budget, 2016

The much awaited Union Budget, 2016 has been declared by the central government and reforms have been brought up in the major industrial sectors like Information Technology (IT), Manufacturing, Trade, Commerce and Real Estate. This budget might be or might not be enough to fulfil your needs and expectations. You may have expected lot many things from this year’s budget, owing to the smart cities plan and Make in India Campaign, which were launched in the same on-going year by the central government.

While the city of Nashik has been included in the second phase of smart cities plan, this wine capital of India has received a gift of railway connectivity to Pune, Manmad and Indore, through this year’s Railway Budget, that was declared on Feb 25, 2016. Yet another good news is, ofcourse, the Nashik-Pune connectivity with a 265 kmslong track, wherein the train would follow the route from Pune to Nashik, via Begdewadi and Chakan. The project worth Rs. 2,425 Crore is also likely to be supported by the state government.

Such a development in Nashik would facilitate the real estate sector, as the city has become an attractive investment destination for the home buyers and investors from the cities like Mumbai and Pune, that are geographically closer to the city. We, at Shree Prakash Developers are amongst those top builders and developers, who provide new residential projects in Nashik, along with a lot of options in the luxurious flats in Nashik.

With the advent of recent rail connectivity between Pune and Nashik, it would be quite easy for the people, especially for the home buyers and investors to commute. Nashik’s real estate sector has scored high on the aspects like affordability and connectivity. It has got modes of transport, which make it easy to travel in and around the place. This has definitely paved way for an increased investment in the city, thereby making it a sound investment destination for the investors and buyers. With the current progress of real estate sector in Nashik, it is expected to create wonders in this sector.

We are trying our level best to utilize the effective norms and regulations, that have been brought up in this year’s budget in the real estate sector. If you have any investment related plans on your mind, we do have effective solutions and schemes for investment in the potentially emerging smart city of Nashik.

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