All You Need to Know About the Real Estate Market of Nashik


With Nashik, now being one of the fastest growing cities in the country, is witnessing a great change in real estate too. The affordable yet modern apartments have taken the home buying to a different level. The modern flats in Nashik are coming within an affordable range of 50 lacs and so. Having industries such as auto, engineering and electrical industries, the demand for residential properties are also increasing.

Scoring high on affordability and connectivity, some of the builders and developers in Nashik have changed the face of real estate in the city.

Ambad, Satpur, Igatpuri, Gonde and Sinnar are the five major industrial zones developed by the Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation (MIDC). Besides, all the huge and important developments through the city, the high Return On Investment (ROI) is another factor that is pulling home buyers and investors from around the country. In the last 2 years, the capital value of properties has appreciated by 15 % to 25%, making the real estate grow. The city is all set to become an ideal investment destination. Capital values of the projects in these regions have already recorded high escalation and further scope of appreciation has enticed home buyers.

The encouraging picture of Nashik, such as the adequate and good supply of water, lower pollution rate, excellent connection to other prominent towns and cities of Maharashtra, developed industrial belt and software technology park at Ambad are its greatest advantages over other several major cities of Maharashtra. Experts said that, Nashik located at one vertex of the growth triangle with Mumbai and Pune, is now turning into one among the best cities to reside in India.

It was also seen that the general real estate trend in Nashik was escalating even while the turbulent economic conditions slowed the markets in other cities. The remarkable vision of the builders and developers in Nashik is influencing the demand of residential projects. Now, the real estate market of Nashik is for all. Luxury flats in affordable price tag is now visible in Nashik.

So, if you are planning for a new home in an emerging city, then there is not a better option than Nashik at the moment. Before investing in any projects, check the details and the documents. If you need any help and need to know more about our residential project, feel free to contact us!

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