Prospects of Real Estate Investment and Development in Nashik

If you get an opportunity to invest in the real estate sector of Nashik, what would be on your minds? How would you feel? You might have varied opinion. However, to arrive at a good and wise decision when it comes to investing in the Nashik’s booming real estate sector, you surely need to know few important things that play a vital role in making wise property buying and investing decisions.

The real estate sector of Nashik is getting transformed due to the effective establishment of industries, educational and financial institutions and residential projects. There is a huge range of variety in the 1 BHK, 2 BHK and 3 BHK Flats in Nashik along with various other types of Apartments in Nashik. Besides, the development of Special Economic Zones (SEZs) and IT parks have helped in creating a commercial belt around the city. The areas of Nashik, namely Sinnar and Igatpuri are a part of Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor (DMIC). Thus, these regions have become hotspots for future developments and investments. Substantial Investment in these areas can yield very good Returns On Investment (ROI) to the investors.

Initially an Industrial Hub, the city of Nashik has now turned out to be an educational, commercial and marketing hub. Companies, business firms and entrepreneurs like to market and sell their products in the city’s dynamic market. Maharashtra State Government and local bodies are taking earnest efforts to develop the social and civic infrastructure in the city. Recently, Railway Budget was declared on Feb 25, 2016. According to this budget, a new railway route is going to start between Pune and Nashik via Begdewadi, Chakan and Ahmednagar. After the upgradation of Mumbai- Nashik Highway and Nashik Airport, the realty demand in the city has increased manifold. Real estate properties, that are built on Nashik-Pune highway are also yielding high returns on sound investment. Hence, they serve as a very good long-term investment option.

Residential land is largely available in the city of Nashik. Chendi, Pune Road, Makhmalabad and Sinnar are most of the sought-after localities by the buyers and investors in this wine capital of India.

Do think about these prospects of investment and development in the city and take a leap forward in making a sound investment in the city’s real estate sector.

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