Prospects of Real Estate Investment and Development in Nashik

If you get an opportunity to invest in the real estate sector of Nashik, what would be on your minds? How would you feel? You might have varied opinion. However, to arrive at a good and wise decision when it comes to investing in the Nashik’s booming real estate sector, you surely need to know few important things that play a vital role in making wise property buying and investing decisions.

The real estate sector of Nashik is getting transformed due to the effective establishment of industries, educational and financial institutions and residential projects. There is a huge range of variety in the 1 BHK, 2 BHK and 3 BHK Flats in Nashik along with various other types of Apartments in Nashik. Besides, the development of Special Economic Zones (SEZs) and IT parks have helped in creating a commercial belt around the city. The areas of Nashik, namely Sinnar and Igatpuri are a part of Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor (DMIC). Thus, these regions have become hotspots for future developments and investments. Substantial Investment in these areas can yield very good Returns On Investment (ROI) to the investors.

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Nashik: Beneficiary city of Union Budget, 2016

The much awaited Union Budget, 2016 has been declared by the central government and reforms have been brought up in the major industrial sectors like Information Technology (IT), Manufacturing, Trade, Commerce and Real Estate. This budget might be or might not be enough to fulfil your needs and expectations. You may have expected lot many things from this year’s budget, owing to the smart cities plan and Make in India Campaign, which were launched in the same on-going year by the central government.

While the city of Nashik has been included in the second phase of smart cities plan, this wine capital of India has received a gift of railway connectivity to Pune, Manmad and Indore, through this year’s Railway Budget, that was declared on Feb 25, 2016. Yet another good news is, ofcourse, the Nashik-Pune connectivity with a 265 kmslong track, wherein the train would follow the route from Pune to Nashik, via Begdewadi and Chakan. The project worth Rs. 2,425 Crore is also likely to be supported by the state government.
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Feel the Homely Comfort in the Residential Projects by Shree Prakash

Shree Prakash Developers is a well-known and renowned real estate company in Nashik. The company is mainly involved in the sales, lease of residential and commercial properties. It provides 1BHK, 2BHK and 3BHK Flats in Nashik. These flats are new, lavish and spacious. The residents would be able to make a good use of the space, as they move around.
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Astonishing things about Shree Prakash Developers: Would you like to know?

Shree Prakash Developers is a renowned and an established real estate firm in the city of Nashik, in Maharashtra State, India. The company believes in marching towards excellence and professionalism in the real estate industry.

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Want to Buy A Dream Home In Nashik?

Have you ever thought of investing property in Nashik? If you have not thought, then do think of such a golden opportunity. Nashik is a well-known industrial district in the state of Maharashtra, India, having a strong presence of Automotive, Manufacturing and Real Estate Industries. In terms of infrastructure,Nashik is undergoing the phase of transformation and has adequate road transport system, ample water supply and good social infrastructure. The city has also witnessed huge infrastructure investments especially in the development of National Highways in the recent years. Continue reading “Want to Buy A Dream Home In Nashik?”

Flats by Shree Prakash Developers For Sale in Nashik

The city of Nashik, which is located in the North-western part of Maharashtra and the fourth largest city in Maharashtra.It is one of the industrially developed cities of Maharashtra. It ranks third after Mumbai and Pune as far as Industrial Development is concerned. The city has been undergoing industrialization for the more three decades. The real estate market of Nashik is in a great demand due to its industrial growth and proximity to Mumbai, thereby attracting numerous buyers.

Moreover, looking at the present real estate market trend, Nashik has developed into a hot spot for property investment. According to experts, the rise in market is expected to zoom in the near future and thus it is the right time to invest in the property of the Nashik so that people could get maximum return on investment. 100%to 200% return on investment is definitely possible in several investments provided that Nashik’s growth continues all along the way. Continue reading “Flats by Shree Prakash Developers For Sale in Nashik”