5 tips to make your home look cosy this winter

Whether you love winters or not, one thing that we all love at home is the cosy feeling we get as soon as we enter our home. Irrespective of whether you live in apartments in Nashik or you are staying in a rented flat and searching for a good property to call it your home, winters in Nashik are lovely without any doubt. In such awesome weather, you would definitely want to add soft layers and homey touches to your rooms without spending too much cash. Here are 5 easy solutions that you will love:

  1. The curtain walls – hang some curtains across a wall in your room to add attractive visual interest. This extra load in the room will create a cosy effect. With a blend of some old curtains and some new ones, this idea is sure to be very light on your pocket and heavy on its appeal.

  2. Family photos on display– having a wall of family photos will add to the homely feeling to your room while you may pick the best of family photos you want to have on the wall. Using these photos will make you feel comfortable and at ease.

  3. Add a seating in the bedroom – having a couch for an organized seating in the bedroom gives more space to relax and get inside cosy blankets apart from the bed. This also makes your bedroom feel extra warmer. Flea markets can be the place to get this extra seating furniture at low costs.

  4. Add a throw– adding cosy accessories like thin blankets in the seating area of the room or a throw over a couch can help in enjoying the winters.

  5. Darker walls – painting a room is an easy way to give a fresh and an instant make over to a room without spending much. Dark coloured walls absorb energy and that can ensure a comfortable temperature at home without spending much.

Liked these ideas? Try them at home this winter and make the best of this season, as life is all about living in seasons!
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