3 Easy Ways to Give Your Home a Monsoon Makeover

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As sun plays hide and seek throughout the monsoon, we often feel the need to brighten up our homes. A variety of Nashik’s residential projects provide you immense freedom to customize and decorate your homes as you wish. There are simple yet effective ways to brighten up your home that will need minimal investment. Here are some ideas:

• Add colour with furnishings: New shades have emerged to decorate your interiors during rains. Furnishing plays a vital role in interior decoration as it changes the look and feel of each corner of your home. Play with some colours to redecorate the furniture. Dark shades of blue, green, yellow and brown reflect the moods of monsoon. Neutral colours too, work in every season.
For a real punch play with colour, texture and vibrancy

• Play with Curtains: Lace curtains ensure that the daylight passes well, thereby making the room look bright. Reflective colours also maximize the little supply of the light.
The bedroom’s colour should be of a lighter shade and the curtains should be in darker shades. Blinds and thick drapes ensure your bedroom privacy. Apart from the bedroom, you can also treat your bathroom with linens. The bath linen of course needs to be soft-to-touch in feel. Yellow is one of the best colours to pick for Living rooms, as such bright colours give it a refreshing look during monsoons.
Dark colour drapes for your bedroom

• Pick the best Carpets: Roll away the traditional carpets as they often catch fungus if kept open during monsoons. Go for washable carpet mats; they come in multi-colours too. These carpets are very durable, water and static resistant and are of good value.
Another option would be coir mat. It is also advisable to use polyester and nylon linen. Place extra rugs next to the bedside, to keep your bed dry and clean.
Soft, washable carpet

Don’t just think of buying a flat in any of the residential projects in Nashik, go for the one that resembles your dream home. As you plan for other things in your home, we help you with these ideas to make your living a cheerful one.

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