Which colours to pick for which room?

New Flats in NashikColours make a different sense to different people. They resemble the nature of an individual. They influence our character and perspectives in everyday life.

Let us see as to how colours can give your home a makeover and have an impact on your attitude:

1) Black, grey, white and brown:
These colours are adaptable as in if you mix any colour with them, you will get a good picture. They depict your ability to adapt and adjust to the surrounding situation.

If the colour combination of your walls matches with that of your furniture, then a nice contrasting effect will be created in your room. Also, your rooms will appear to be more spacious.

2) Red:
There is an element of energy in a red coloured room. Energy will facilitate your conversations with your friends and family members in such a room. You will also feel energetic when you will return home after busy working hours in the office or after doing rigorous exercise.

3) Yellow:

Yellow indicates that your house is surrounded by cheerfulness. If you use it in a hall, then it can welcome the guests in your house. However, excessive use of this colour can upset you.
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Le Regalia offering ostentatious residential spaces


You will always expect to get something special out of your desired home. Our project ‘Le Regalia’ will provide you a sophisticated living environment. Your lifestyle will get enriched if you pick a home of your choice over here.
The elegant project ‘Le Regalia’ is getting ready to offer you a brilliant, well-planned residential property in Nashik. The residencescome up in several types including compact homes and penthouses.Each of the eight-storeyed towersis placed to get fresh breeze and sunlight in your house.The seventh and eighth floor is exclusively dedicated for penthouses. This property will spoil you for choice if you are a meticulous, concrete home buyer. It is a temptation for everybody!
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